allergy test

What is Allergy Testing?

Our Allergy test is the most accurate home-to-lab test to date,

We test for food allergies using an in-vitro testing system.

We use IgE blood analysis – the most accurate testing available – to see if a reaction takes place. If one does, you have an allergy to that substance.

The reaction to the food is what causes food allergy symptoms such as headache, bloating or diarrhoea


How does Allergy testing work?

At Test My Intolerance, your blood sample is turned into plasma (the liquid component of blood) and our lab technicians then analyze the reaction of your IgE antibodies against various foods to generate a report. The report is then uploaded to your secure customer area for you to download.


Our allergy testing determines the levels of antibody reactivity against specific allergens. We utilise a test blotting procedure and a 2-spot blood card. We measure an antibody response from exposing a clients’ sample to a panel of specific allergens derived from foods or other known triggers. To complete the testing, our lab technicians apply conjugate, wash solution and substrate.


Why Should I Get an Allergy Test?

  • Fast, simple, easy – An allergy test is fast and easy to complete. You don’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get it done, just a few drops of blood, and the results are clear and comprehensive.
  • Full picture of health – Getting an Allergy test can give you a much fuller understanding of your health. Learning which foods can cause an adverse reaction is the first step to mindfully preventing those reactions and keeping your health on track.
  • Prevent potentially harmful symptoms and adverse reactions – It can be dangerous to have an allergy unknowingly. You can avoid potentially dangerous immune responses by finding out which substances you’re allergic to and eliminating them from your diet.


Fighting back against Allergies

If you have an unaddressed food allergy for too long, it’ll stop you from being your very best. Just think, if your body is too busy fighting off an allergy, it’s running itself down. There won’t be any energy left to make you feel your best.


A common sign of an allergy is noticing an immediate reaction after eating a specific food. If you suspect you might have an allergy, we’d recommend you get tested. Even if your results come back negative, at least then you can rule out common food allergies as the origin of your symptoms and narrow down the potential cause.