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Testing facilities for Blood & Hair Samples

The testing labs at TMI Testing are continually developing to enhance the level of service, speed of service and variety of tests offered to our clients.

Our team of laboratory technicians are lead by the lab manager, Kate Wooster, a microbiologist with a vast experience of providing accurate and consistent diagnostic results.

When your sample arrives at our ISO 9001:2015 accredited facilities, the item is checked in and linked to your client account. At this point, you will receive a notification that the testing process will now begin.

The sample will be taken to either the blood laboratory or hair testing lab and your results will be within 7 working days away from arriving in your email.

Once the testing process is complete, your results are sent to your nominated email address. The remaining items of your sample are disposed of by our clinical waste disposal company and any documentation submitted to use with your sample is destroyed by our confidential waste provider.

Your records are maintained on our secure service provider, powered by Salesforce, in accordance with GDPR.

Our labs are supported by a dedicated customer service team that comprises of customer service agents and a panel of nutritional therapists.

We offer 24/7 Livechat facility and email support to nutrition and results from queries via email and phone.

Our Laboratory Key Facts:



IgE & IgG4 Antibody Testing

We test for raised antibody reactions using an approved in-vitro testing system (ELISA).

Bioresonance Tests

We test hair samples for bioresonance energy responses using MARS III equipment.

Dedicated labs and technicians

Our laboratories are staffed by 9 experienced technicians and overseen by our microbiologist lab manager.

Quality controls and standard operating procedures

Processes and results are maintained by our internal procedures and controls.

Testing you can depend on

Our two labs that makeup our testing facility provide results based on two different testing methods:

  • Blood sample: Uses the ELISA method which is scientifically recognised.
  • Hair Sample: Uses bioresonance which is a complementary therapy (CAM).

Both labs follow the same strict quality controls and operating procedures to ensure, no matter the convention of testing, the same high standard of performance and result.

We offer both scientifically validated and complementary testing to provide our clients with the widest options to them on their wellness journey.

4 simple steps to fast results

  • 1 - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs


    Order the right test for you securely online.

  • 2 - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs


    Confirmation and instructions are emailed or kit sent*.

  • 3 - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs


    Send your sample to our ISO-certified facilities.

  • 4 - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs


    Receive your results within 7 days from sample received.

Our Best Selling Tests

Our most popular blood and hair tests. Our non-invasive bioresonance sensitivity test uses a small hair sample to test 970+ Foods, inhalants, vitamins and minerals. Clinically validated Allergy & Food Intolerance tests using a small blood spot sample to analyse IgE & IgG4 antibody reactions.

  • Budget
    TMI TMA Core Sensitivity Test - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs

    Core Sensitivity Test

    Was £69.00 Now £27.00 Save £42.00

    400 item food, environmental and metals sensitivity test.

  • TMI TMA Premium Sensitivity Test - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs

    Premium Sensitivity Test

    Was £89.00 Now £35.00 Save £54.00

    970+ item comprehensive sensitivity and health test report.

  • Food & Pollen
    allergy test - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs

    Essential Allergy Test

    Was £130.00 Now £79.00 Save £51.00

    Essential Allergy testing of 38 food and environmental triggers.

  • Most Accurate
    allergy intolerance test - Allergy, Intolerance and Bioresonance Testing Labs

    Combined Allergy & Intolerance

    Was £195.00 Now £105.00 Save £90.00

    Combined Allergy & food Intolerance test of 78 frequent triggers.

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What happens after I receive my results?

Once you have received your report, the first step is to try eliminating the suggested catalysts from your diet. We provide FREE support on: Embarking and gaining progress on an elimination diet