One of the most exciting and frustrating parts of the holiday season is finding gifts for the special person in your life. If you don’t want to get them yet another jumper, or you want something more unique than a gift token, then why not focus on gift ideas that prioritise health? This year, healthy Christmas gifts will give you plenty of selection to find the perfect choice for everyone on your shopping list. Not sure what a healthy gift looks like, or how it will be a worthwhile present? Take a look below!

Why does health matter around the holidays?

Sure, we all indulge around the holidays. From too much pudding to an extra handful of snacks, it happens. Long-term, reliable health isn’t just about resisting those extra temptations. It’s about making health a habit. The best way to do that is through understanding why health matters and how important it is to do so.

Firstly, the data shows that obesity is a rising problem in the UK. Over 26% of adults in England alone are obese. A stunning 38% more are overweight and on their way to becoming obese. Many chronic health conditions can be prevented or better controlled when people maintain their health within normal ranges, so this is concerning.

Secondly, men and women both reported allergies as the most common chronic health condition. Since allergies and intolerances can greatly impact someone’s approach to nutrition and fitness, this easily “treated” (read: diagnosed) chronic health condition is essential to a proper, detailed health profile.

So, health and the holidays certainly go hand in hand. Just in a different way than you thought! Everyone takes different approaches to health. This also means that you aren’t limiting your shopping ideas. Contrary to popular belief, healthy shopping isn’t about veg platters or gym memberships. It’s more focused on taking an essential step back and seeing the complete picture.

This year’s best healthy Christmas giftsGive The Gift Of Health This Christmas

With all these important details in mind, what should you consider when looking for healthy Christmas gifts? Unlike most people assume, health and self-care factor in more than bath fizzies. Health can also extend to meal planning, massaging tools, sleep aids, and more. Health can also focus on the very relevant topic of allergy and intolerance testing! Some of the best health-focused gifts are below to show you some examples.

Classic allergy testing

For the newcomer looking at getting a bit of information on their dietary needs, classic allergy testing is a great choice. This health test tackles some of the most common and essential food and environmental allergies everyone should check for. It can help educate someone who is otherwise unfamiliar with allergies!

Essential intolerance testing

If you are more interested in the often mysterious and confusing world of food intolerances or sensitivities, then essential intolerance testing is a practical option. It can help educate every user on their body’s unique digestive needs. This is a great healthy gift choice for those food-focused people in your life!

Advanced intolerance testing

You can dive deeper into food intolerances by trying out advanced intolerance testing. This is wonderful for those who want a detailed approach to the world of intolerances. This is great if they are curious about what might not be covered on a basic test. The extra detail can offer a lot of clarity.

Comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing

Do you want the ultimate idea to top healthy gifts? If so, combined allergy and intolerance testing is a great choice. This combines advanced allergy and intolerance testing for a deep dive into your body’s relationship with food. This is an excellent consideration if you want value for money as a primary shopping factor.

A healthy future awaits

You’ll like these healthy Christmas gifts so much that you might also think about getting one for yourself. And why not? The gift of health is a great choice for everyone. For smart shopping this holiday season, consider healthy gift ideas that will help spread positivity and health to everyone on your list. It’s an invaluable gift to those who need it.

Regardless of your favourite focus area, you’ll find plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Healthy Christmas shopping adds an extra little “something special” to your holiday plans. It also can be a wonderful way to surprise people you love. Whoever you shop for, they’ll be touched that you thought of them and their health. They’ll also love that you prioritised their needs so well in a way they would never have expected. Everyone loves a good holiday surprise, right? get your test from Test My Intolerance here!