The best part about the Black Friday weekend is getting the best deals. Whether you want to get a head-start on your holiday shopping or saving up all year to get a few special treats for yourself, this weekend is a great time to cash in and get what you’ve been searching for. That said, you must learn how to shop properly for those massive Black Friday savings. It’s not as simple as shopping online or in-store and getting what you need. This is one of the biggest retail weekends all year, and — make no mistake — retailers are prepared to do whatever they can and need to do to take your money. Ready to shop smart? Read on!

Ask your shopper-savvy friends for help

If you aren’t a shopping expert, consider getting some advice and support from someone who is. It can help you be aware of the biggest things to look for – good and bad. Black Friday can be littered with wrong-doers who have misleading promotions that are scams or just not as good as they lead you to believe.

You can also rely on that shopper friend to help you know when to go with a big brand and when you can consider off-brands. Many smaller off-brands compete with the big names by offering the same high-end features at a lower price. This can mean big sales and savings for you when you focus on getting more features and benefits than names!

Sign up for online flyers

Another tip is to sign up deliberately for newsletters, flyers, and store-specific emails. These will alert you to upcoming sales and discounts so that you know what to expect in advance. Some will even include more savings for email subscribers! You can make this easier if you add some personalisation to your store account details or make wish lists of your favourite items.How to Shop for Massive Black Friday Savings

Check for loyalty point program redemption events

Sometimes, brick-and-mortar stores and online shops allow you to cash in on your loyalty program points and more during Black Friday sales. This is a helpful way to put those loyalty program points to work and save a bit more cash! Remember your credit card points, too, since cashback points are wonderful.

Focus on wellness or experience gifts

Most sales will push you toward tech and other kinds of toys for purchases. But why not use this weekend as an excellent opportunity to enjoy massive Black Friday savings on health and wellness gifts? These are underrated as gifts but always appreciated for their touching gesture. There are many health-oriented gifts out there to choose from. And you can enjoy up to 15% off during Black Friday sales using the code BLACK15.

Common allergy testing

You can start simple and classic by going for common allergy testing. This test focuses on the most common food and environmental allergies lurking in your immune system response without you even knowing it.

Essential intolerance testing

Similarly, we offer essential intolerance testing for those hunting for a short-and-sweet test for intolerances. These are great if you have a strong sense of what your food intolerances are but just want to confirm the results with data.

Extra intolerance testing

Most of us know someone who loves to go the extra mile. For them, extra intolerance testing can offer that peace of mind with more items tested. This can offer comfort, education, and relief in understanding symptoms.

Combined allergy and intolerance testing

For those who want to have as healthy a relationship with food as possible, look no further than combined allergy and intolerance testing. This is a worthwhile choice for testing against a long list of food and environmental allergies and intolerances. You’ll have a much stronger trust in your meal planning with these results as a guide!

Other companion gifts for health include things like wellness journals, paid fees for a nutritionist, and more.

On that same note, consider experiences as gifts, too! An all-expenses-paid weekend getaway, spa package, etc., is a lovely surprise for that special someone in your life who never takes time for themselves.

When in doubt, sleep on a decision

Some deals will teeter on the yes/no decision on whether it’s a good buy. If you aren’t sure, sleep on the decision. Add the item to your cart or basket online and leave it there overnight. If you still want it and think it’s a good idea in the morning, you can proceed with the purchase. Sleeping on it helps you also resist the “I should get it because it’s on sale.” A sale is only good if you want or need the item you are considering.

Know which shopping day is best

This weekend has two main shopping days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each day will offer a better discount depending on what you’re looking to buy. Black Friday is in-store and online, whereas Cyber Monday is online only. History shows that items such as wardrobe essentials, toys, and beauty products have better discounts on Cyber Monday. Black Friday is more for tech and other hot items. However, this isn’t always the case. Some massive Black Friday savings have “migrated” online and other sectors. Doing your homework is the best thing you can trust to get the right sale. Plus, it just adds to the anticipation.

Savings and sales are fun and exciting when it comes to letting loose and having fun. Just ensure you put your focus and funds into the right areas! These reminders on how to shop for the best savings for Black Friday will support you on your shopping journey from start to finish.