In the case of allergy tests, we are checking the production of specific IgE antibodies against food and environmental allergens, while in the case of intolerances we are testing the production of specific IgG4 antibodies. Our testing are performed using ELISA technology, a globally recognised and documented technique and has been established for laboratory analysis for over 40 years being universally accepted as reliable and trustworthy.nnOur strict internal Quality Management Systems means that all samples within the laboratories have full traceability from the moment of receipt by way of the unique code allocated at the point of purchase. We use automated systems to track the sample throughout the laboratory based on the label attached to the submitted sample. Further labels are generated on receipt which allows for the identification of the unique sample through the entire testing process. Therefore there is no possibility that a sample could be mixed in the lab during processing. In addition, all of our release systems are fully automated only allowing for the release of results once all parameters have been met, if a sample was subjected to incorrect testing it would not meet the required parameters for release.nnEach of our individual test strips has inbuilt controls which allow us to assess the validity of the tests on an individual basis. Each strip is scanned and verified and should a control fail on any individual test that strip would be disregarded and retested. In addition to this, all of our test strips are manually validated as a second check to ensure there are no erroneous results prior to release.nn

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