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Will medication affect my test results in any way?

There are a few types of medication that may stop your test from being accurate. Immunosuppressant medications can also affect the results of the testing, we advise that you check with our team prior to testing regarding medications. Antihistamines have been shown to...

Can I complete a blood test on a child?

While we allow children from the age of 2 and above for blood allergy and intolerance testing, there is evidence that allergies are not fully developed until the age of 7. Please check with a medical professional before purchasing.

Does it hurt to take a blood test?

We provide you with two easy-to-use lancets designed to give you a tiny prick on the finger to start the blood flow. It’s precisely the same as a pinprick and, if administered correctly following our provided instructions and tips, will not hurt.

What’s the best blood test for me?

We have a range of blood tests for you to choose from; we have Intolerance (IgG4) ELISA testing because we are investigating delayed symptoms that could be associated with food intolerances. You can find more about the IgG4 testing science on the About Us pages on our...

Can you test for coeliac disease?

We do not test for coeliac disease; however, we can test for a gluten intolerance on selected tests; please look for this in the list of items tested on the products. To test for coeliac disease, you should speak to a medical professional. The blood testing usually...