vegetables and intolerance testingDid you do Veganuary this year? How did it go? DId you enjoy it? Has it persuaded you to go vegan full-time? If so, you can check out our top tips for doing a Vegan diet. As an intolerance testing company, we truly value our customers in understanding the benefits of eating correctly and cleanly, but also healthily. 

Starting a Vegan diet

So, as a large number of the population begin to embark on a vegan diet, we thought we should share some of our top tips when going vegan, as you do have to be aware of how your lifestyle can be affected by a vegan diet. WIth veganism being all the rage right now, people are hearing about all the benefits of eating green! You should be careful that you do it properly, starting with the intolerance testing process and then the evaluation of your diet. It is interesting as doing a vegan diet can actually be very beneficial for your health.

The benefits of a vegan diet

Like any process of a new diet, you should consider intolerance testing to make sure that you will be getting enough nutrients into your diet, and also that you are able to consume green foods. If you have been experiencing symptoms like a headache, or are constantly tired then a vegan diet could be just what you need. If intolerance testing has ruled out any food intolerances, then a vegan diet can produce better sleeping patterns, clearer skin and even improved circulation.

What to look out for?

However, done incorrectly, there are many things that you should have to watch out for when starting a vegan diet. A poor vegan diet can result in low calcium levels and even a lack of vitamin A, as this causes a range of symptoms including dry skin. Generally lacking in calcium can result in having dry eyes and not feeling terribly well, especially if you are also lacking in vitamin A.

Don’t settle for convenience

Like any other foods, there is a wide range of vegan foods which are not necessarily nutritionally beneficial. The temptation is to always pick up something quick and easy after a long day at work, but vegan and processed foods are not always of benefit to you. Make sure you stock up your cupboard full of vegan foods which are extremely beneficial. This also gives you a chance to experience new recipes.

Supplement your diet with vitamins 

Vitamin A is essential to your diet and keeping your body as healthy as it can be. By eating meat, fish and dairy products, you can get your recommended source of vitamin A, but of course, this isn’t part of a vegan diet. As such, it is more important to increase your intake of green and leafy vegetables, as well as orange, red and yellow fruit (looking at you, peppers!). Another vitamin you need a lot of is vitamin B12, but this is only found in meat and dairy products! It is a nutrient which help

Intolerance Testing

So, how was your Veganuary? Did you enjoy it? If not, you might have not been providing your body with the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet. If you have any more questions on intolerance testing or would like to order an intolerance test, please contact our customer service advisors on