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So, you’re considering ordering a food intolerance test from TMI Testing? Well, take a look here at the foods, substances and airborne particles which we test for which could help you to identify what items, both food and non-food, that you need to remove from your diet. If you would like to know more about food intolerance testing and are wanting to order a food intolerance test, then you can check out TMI Testing which gives you all the information and advice that you need

Food items we test

There are a large number of foods which could cause food intolerances. To get hold of your food intolerance test you can order here. It’s just that there ate many substances that your body may be exposed to, that might be causing your possible intolerance symptoms. The food groups that you need to look out for include all types of wheat, nuts, and dairy! More importantly, if you are purchasing processed foods or are going out to eat, there are sometimes chemicals involved in food production which could cause a variety of issues with regard to intolerance symptoms.

An amazing offering

At TMI Testing, we provide a wide-ranging bioresonance hair sample test of over 600 items to our customers. Once you receive your report, you can then make suggested changes to your diet or lifestyle, meaning you can look forward to a brighter future. Take note of the advice that you receive in your report, and then look at your food diet accordingly.

We provide an intolerance test for all of these

Here are just some of the food items and e-numbers which we test for, but you can find the full list here which will help you.

If any of these major items are a common part of your diet or you often come into contact any of these items then you will most likely need to purchase an intolerance test: Dust, Copper, Flaxseed, Alcohol. Egg yolk, Pork, all types of wheat, coffee, cow’s milk, peanuts.

For more information on intolerance testing and purchasing an intolerance test, log on to www.tmitesting.com and find out more information.