blueberries and food intolerance

If you didn’t already know about food intolerances and allergies then it is definitely time you learned. In an ideal world, none of us would suffer from any food allergies or food intolerance, but unfortunately, some of us do, and often to some of the most common foods. The chances of you not having a food intolerance are very slim, but there are things that TMI Testing can do to help you reduce the chances that you will suffer from food intolerance. This includes an intolerance test, so make sure you start your new journey today.

What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance can cause a wide range of issues to your work and social life, as it could affect your moods and symptoms. An intolerance often occurs if you have eaten too much of the same food, so it is important that you set yourself a diet but also that you make sure you don’t eat too much of the same thing. Your body may react in an awful way to certain foods, so be very careful with what you are eating. With intolerances coming out of nowhere, the body no longer has the protection that it used to from your food intolerances. The lining inside the gut has a lack of communication with the foods.

Homegrown foods

If you know what you are putting into your body then you know what you are eating. With cooking homegrown foods allowing you to watch what you eat, the chances of you experiencing intolerance symptoms is even lower. If you cut out the food which your food intolerance test from TMI Testing has highlighted, then you know that you don’t need to add this into your diet. If you suspect that you have been eating dodgy foods which are causing you to bloat and suffer from a headache, then an intolerance test could sort you out.

Listen to our report

If you have a food intolerance, your body decides that it cannot tolerate this food any longer. You are not always in control of your body and although this is very irritating, it is the truth. Get rid of your bloated stomach, headaches and brain fog by ordering an intolerance test today.

You can likely say goodbye to food intolerance symptoms like a bloated stomach, headache or any other symptoms then order an intolerance test.