burgers can cause a bloated stomachA fitness trainer said her bloated stomach has affected her body so badly, so she stopped posting new pictures on Instagram for a while. 

This shocking revelation has shown that a bloated stomach can happen to anyone, and the article in Cosmopolitan highlights the stress that symptoms of a food intolerance can cause you. As bloat is one of the more common symptoms of a food intolerance, at TMI Testing, we feel as though it is important to share how much a bloated stomach can affect your life. If you are eating clean and exercising every day, then you can still experience a bloated stomach, due to stress or that healthy food may not be so healthy!

Tiffiny Hall stated she often experienced a bloated stomach like a balloon. Although Tiffiny’s bloated stomach was as a result of stress, it should not be underestimated how much a food intolerance can cause this certain symptom. Tiffiny didn’t feel as though she was able to attend big events because of her bloat and many people around the world will have experienced this feeling.

Bloated Stomach

Bloating is one of the more common symptoms which many of our customers complain about, and this is because these symptoms often come about from a food intolerance. As one of the more common symptoms, bloating can affect people all across the board. Whether it is a food intolerance or stress, the mechanics behind bloating are not widely known or understood,

Understand what Bloat is

Bloating has often been described as appearing in many different formats. For some people, it is extreme so please do make sure you don’t have a food intolerance by ordering a test now. The pain and appearance of bloating ranges from mild to severe in terms of appearance and also a pain. For some, a bloated stomach is uncomfortable, but for others, it is simply the appearance.

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