causes of a bloated stomachHmmm, why do you think you are showing food intolerance symptoms? Is it because of bloating, headaches and a runny nose? If so, you may be right. The best thing we can suggest for you is a food intolerance test from TMI Testing. If you are suffering from a bloated stomach, then you are not alone, as it happens to be one of the most common issues that people suffer from. Even with the best diet and being in good health, bloating can still take place.

Sufferers of a bloated stomach are always looking for ways to get the problem cured. However, if you do want an effective treatment to take place, then you must first determine the cause of your bloated stomach. Below, you can find out some of the main level causes of a bloated stomach. Our recommendation is that you order an intolerance test in order to find out more about what is causing your stomach to bloat.

Intolerance to Food

An intolerance is not life-threatening and can be acquired, sometimes through an overindulgence of a certain food. The responses are sometimes similar to those of a food allergy, and we urge when caution when trying to differentiate the two. An intolerance test can help you to manage your symptoms by minimising and eliminating the suspected food items that give rise to them. Without an intolerance test, it is difficult to determine the foods that can be the trigger, even if you try a food diary. This is because symptoms do not often arise until up to 72 hours after.

An Intolerance Test can help you discover which food items could be the potential cause of your bloated stomach. The chances are, you may develop an intolerance to your favourite food as a food intolerance can be caused by an overindulgence. So watch out!

Overgrowth of Bacteria In Food (Yuk!)

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition which is characterised by the presence of bacteria. This can cause you great pain if there is an excessive amount of bacteria in the gut. There are some types of foods, particularly the slow digesting carbohydrates, which happen to actually feed bacterial overgrowth. It can also lead to symptoms such as a bloated stomach and gas, especially as time goes on and apparently irrespective of what you eat or drink. Be careful, stay healthy and order an intolerance test today!

Find out the cause of your Bloated Stomach!

With an intolerance test, TMI Testing are able to help you discover the cause of your bloated stomach. Once the actual cause is pinpointed, you can take the recommended measures, including an elimination diet, to ensure that you no longer suffer from any issues.

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