is bread the cause of your bloated stomach?Is bread causing you to experience a bloated stomach every time you consume it? Make sure you do not have a food intolerance by ordering an intolerance test here. Of course, we don’t want bread to be causing you pain, but by using an intolerance test you can identify exactly whether or not it is causing your symptoms, or you can rule it out as food intolerance

Friend or Foe

Is bread a friend or a foe? If you eat bread on a daily basis, then you should make sure that you are not suffering from a food intolerance. This is because this item could be causing you to experience a bloated stomach, headache or a runny nose. It may that you have developed an intolerance to bread or another food that you eat ALL the time. Your bloated stomach will appear almost every time you eat these foods, but if it is an intolerance, it might not show itself until up to 72 hours after you have consumed that food item.

Does bread equal a bloated stomach?

It can do, but bread isn’t always bad, it can depend on how much you eat.

Always enjoyed bread? Next time, if you eat bread, you might experience a bloated stomach. Could it have been the bread? It may well have been, so why not find out for sure? A food intolerance can still have a massive impact on both your social and work life, so please make sure you identify it by ordering a test today. It is also important that you make sure it is not an allergy, as allergies are life-threatening. It may simply mean that you have overindulged on a certain food, but it is always best to find out.

When can you develop a food intolerance?

Food intolerances can develop at any point in your lifetime, however, an allergy will develop during childhood. You should try and make sure your child gets early exposure to an allergen. It might simply mean that you have overindulged on a certain food, but it is always best to find out.

There is a big difference between allergies and intolerances

Although the words “allergies” and “intolerances” are completely different, they are often used as though they are the same thing. However, it is important to know that they are not. They are actually significantly different, and getting the right diagnosis ensures that you end up managing your intolerances and allergies with the right plan. If you would like to identify which foods you have an intolerance to, please order your intolerance test here.

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