winter wedding after weight lossWho doesn’t love winter or a spring wedding? At TMI Testing, many of our customers come to us because they are struggling with intolerance symptoms which are affecting them both mentally and physically in their appearance. We want to help you feel the best you can on the ‘biggest day’ of your life, whatever time of year it is. So, if you are struggling with headaches, are dealing with constant bloat, or simply are struggling in terms of weight loss, an intolerance test could be exactly what you need.

Relieving the stress

Of course, a wedding day wouldn’t be a wedding without you stressing about the multiple things that are on your mind. The good news is that we can take one more stressful thing off your mind by removing any worries about food intolerance and the symptoms that are presented by it. An intolerance test not only helps you to remove harmful foods from your diet, but it also helps you to construct a diet which will only involve healthy foods. If you are eating healthy foods which are right for your body, you will not only feel better but it will aid weight loss.

Setting yourself a weight loss goal

You don’t need to have a goal in mind when you take an intolerance test, but if you are wanting to eat healthier so that you can lose weight, then it is best to have a goal in mind so that you can see how intolerance testing is working. Of course, when embarking on your weight loss journey to a happier and healthier you, it is important that you eat properly. An intolerance test an help you plan your diet, and in order to get in the best shape for your wedding day, you can begin to sparkle with a food intolerance test from TMI Testing. This will help you to establish your food intolerances, and you shouldn’t then have to worry about your bloated stomach and fitting into your dress, or suit!

What’s involved in a food intolerance test?

A food intolerance test will highlight any foods which may be triggering your symptoms, including headaches, nausea, and bloat. You should begin to eliminate these from your diet in order to stop your symptoms right before your wedding day. Of course, if it is a food intolerance, then you need to remove this item completely from your diet (especially on your wedding day)! Therefore, you will need to make sure that your wedding caterers are aware of any food intolerances which you may have. It is important that you know every single ingredient that is going into your diet, so make sure the chefs are aware of your food intolerances.

Get rid of bloat and aid weight loss

In the week or so leading up to your big day, make sure you’re filling your body with items which alleviate your symptoms of bloat, like lemon and ginger tea, and lots of fruit and vegetables and generally ‘light’ foods. Drink plenty of water and add either a slice of lemon – known to reduce the amount of salt retained in the body – or add a slice of cucumber which has anti-swelling properties.

If you would like to know more about food intolerance testing and how a healthy diet can help weight loss, then please log on to now! Our expert team of customer service staff are available on Live Chat via our website 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Visit now!