A food intolerance can cause symptoms like fatigue.

Which food items should you be looking out for when it comes to food allergies and food intolerances? Check out the article below to find out which symptoms you need to be looking out for and what foods could potentially be causing you harm. 

Food Intolerances

Have you ever thought about food intolerance and just dismissed it because it might be your favourite food? This is very dangerous, and we are about to tell you how we can help. We will tell you why identifying your intolerance is vital, and as such, we recommend food intolerance testing, as the perfect alternative to your GP. Order your intolerance test here.


Everybody experiences a stomach ache in their lifetime, but not everyone knows what causes it. An intolerance test can help you with this. If your stomach feels as though it has expanded even though you have barely consumed any foods then it is possible that you have a food intolerance. A bloated stomach could be alleviated if you remove certain foods from your diet.


If you are feeling lethargic, tired or are struggling to stay awake. TMI Testing can help you identify which food is causing your issues. Some people put their fatigue and lethargy down due to being stressed out, but the fault often lies at their diets. See how a food intolerance test can help you to identify your food intolerances.

Skin Rash

Last but not least, food intolerances can have an impact on your skin. If you are suffering from excessively dry skin and eczema, then it could be due to your diet! Order a test to find out more. Skin rashes can make someone’s confidence fragile as well as tiring, so make sure you get hold of your intolerance test today.

For more information on intolerance testing, please log on to www.tmitesting.com in order to find out more information about our intolerance tests.