summer drinks testing for food intoleranceEverybody reacts in a different way to alcohol, it is a fact, both mentally and physically. If you become blotchy or feel fatigued (not a hangover) then you may have an intolerance to alcohol (Nooooo, not the G&T!). At TMI, we are experienced in testing for food intolerance, as well as alcohol. Read down further to see if summer drinks are the cause of your intolerance, and yes, some of these symptoms are real, even number three!

1) Runny Nose

If your nose is constantly running, then the chances are you have an intolerance to alcohol or something else, particularly if you have been drinking the night before. This is because in alcohol, there are high levels of histamine and this will cause a stuffed and runny nose, leaving you congested. Don’t just put it to the back of your mind and brush it off as an alcohol intolerance though, you should get checked out! With our experience in testing for food intolerance and other intolerances, we can help you get to the bottom of your runny nose.

2) Nausea and Vomiting

Have you been there lying in bed the next day after a big night out, experiencing nausea and vomiting? Have you put it down to a simple hangover? It may not be. Your summer drinking habits may actually be having an impact on your body. Within your favourite Gin & Tonic maybe an ingredient which your body just doesn’t like. Testing for food intolerance and drink intolerances, we can tell you whether or not your summer drinking habit is doing you more harm than good. Vomiting is also a sign that maybe you are drinking too much this Summer. However, if it is happening after one or two, the sign is you have a food intolerance.

3) Hives

Yes, this is true and it is important to know. An alcohol intolerance could be causing you to experience hives. Remember, when sitting outside in the sun, sunglasses on, music blaring and sipping a delicious Gin & Tonic, you may actually be causing your skin to become lumpy and bumpy. The solution is usually testing for food intolerance, as some of the ingredients in your alcoholic drink are probably the reason you are coming up in spots. Our solution? Take a test with us.

4) Diarrhea

Everybody’s worse nightmare. Diarrhea is a symptom of a food intolerance, an alcohol intolerance or a dodgy diet. To know for sure, our bioresonance testing process helps you to identify what is causing which symptom. Next time you are sipping your Gin & Tonic in the sunshine, you can do this in peace knowing this alcoholic delight is not the cause of your symptoms. Does this sound good? Without testing for food intolerance and alcohol intolerances, we can help you to try and deal with your diarrhea, creating a happier and healthier you.

5) Asthma

Yep, an alcohol intolerance could be the cause of your exacerbated asthma. This intolerance could harm your breathing so it is pivotal that you identify your intolerance. Using our expertise in testing for food intolerance as well as alcohol intolerance, you may have to set aside that Gin & Tonic and become the new you.

6) Low Blood Pressure

An alcohol intolerance can cause a drop in your blood pressure after drinking. If you are experiencing dizziness, fatigue, or a lack of concentration then you may have low blood pressure after consuming too much alcohol. It is time to put that Gin & Tonic away, and talk to us about testing for food intolerance and alcohol intolerances.

7) Heart Beat Rise

An alcohol intolerance could be the cause of your rising heartbeat. Some people could put this down to watching England win (or lose) on penalties, but it could also be the alcohol that you are consuming. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then it is best to take an intolerance test and see if you have an intolerance to certain ingredients and items. If the symptoms persist, then you should consult your doctor.