test your intoleranceAs we come to the end of Summer, the chances are that you are heading off abroad for your Summer holiday. Well, we advise that you test your intolerance, by taking a pre-holiday intolerance test, as you learn what foods you can and cannot eat before you jet off on your adventures, it could change your holiday for the better! Take a look at the 5 ways we have come up with which you help you enjoy the holiday you deserve. 

Test your intolerance

Remember, if you are getting up and going away, it is important that you know what foods your body can tolerate. Although these thoughts may be at the back of your mind, they should be at the front. This is because strange food and water in a new setting which you are not familiar with can be a recipe for disaster, with your body reacting in a variety of different ways. If you are in a foreign place, where people do not speak your language, this can be very distressing. Furthermore, although we personally might forget the distress that those foods caused whilst on our travels, our body will not. So, what do we think is the most important thing you do before you jet off on your travels? You must remember to test your intolerance.

Plan your Journey

Yes, it sounds simple but many of us do not always do it. Having taken an intolerance test, we now know exactly what foods we should stay away from when we are going abroad. From the destination to the journey, every little thing matters, even the airline. Yep, different airlines will have different foods which they will serve, and, depending on the length of your flight, you may not be able to resist chowing down on some of the delicious food on offer. Here comes the conundrum, what if the airline does not serve any lactose-free food, or has put nuts in everything? You cannot eat. This is why it is important to know your intolerances and plan your journey around them,

Know your location

Remember, even if you are staying in the UK, it is vital that you know what environment you are going to be inhabiting. If you have an intolerance or allergy to pollen then you may have to manage your hayfever whilst on holiday. How do you do that? You test your intolerance! If, after taking one of our tests, it turns out you have high intolerance levels to pollen, or even worse, suffer from hayfever, you should consider the pollen levels for your holiday destination. If you test your intolerance, it can change not only your holiday but also your life for the better.

Speak to someone

You may not want to be that person who goes on about their allergies and intolerances, but sometimes it is a necessity. If you know you are staying away somewhere that may serve alternative foods, then talk to the chef or owner and see what they can supply you with. If you know you will not be able to eat anything, then bring a back-up, meaning you can still enjoy the fun, whilst chowing down on your favourite food, free of stress and worry.

Have fun

Essentially, regardless of your allergies and intolerances, we want you to have fun. That is why we have supplied you with the above advice. If you do test your intolerance, it will mean you know exactly what to stay away from, and you can enjoy your flight stress-free. Also, you can lie on the beach, tanning and relaxing, with not a worry in the world about the snack that you are devouring.

If you want to know more and considering taking a pre-holiday intolerance test, then jump over to www.tmitesting.com and have a look around. We are always looking to help you.