Food intolerance symptoms

Having a food intolerance is more common than you think and living with one can sometimes be a pain, literally.  Most people think that the symptoms they are experiencing is due to something else as sometimes symptoms are not always instant.  Food intolerance symptoms can take up to 48 hours to appear and two people are sensitive to the same food may have completely different reactions.

If you suspect that you, or a loved one, are sensitive to a certain food (or non-food) item it is important to get tested. Test My Intolerance can pinpoint which foods are causing you discomfort.  Once you find out which foods these are you should follow the elimination diet.

Symptoms are not always what you think.

4 Sneaky Symptoms of a food intolerance:

1. Weight Gain

If you are intolerant to a food, your body cannot fully digest it which means your body reacts with inflammation.  “Chronic inflammation has been linked to increased insulin production and insulin resistance,” says Allinger. “Since insulin is a fat-storage hormone, you can gain weight as a result.” The most common foods to avoid are refined carbs, sugar and processed foods.

2. Tiredness

If you regularly eat foods that does not agree with your body it can trigger an immune response.  Therefore, your body has to work overdrive to resolve this leaving you feeling drained and fatigued.  Foods to avoid if you regularly feel tired are dairy, soy, corn and gluten.

3. Joint/Muscle Pain

Do you often experience joint and muscle pain and think it is because of the way you slept or the hard workout you done the night before? The truth is that certain foods can trigger inflammatory responses in your body causing the lining of the gut to be damaged.  Meaning, your body will become inflamed causing aches and pains.  The most common foods that cause this are gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar.

4. Anxiety

Foods such as wine, cheese and cured meats are all common foods that can cause anxiety if you are intolerant to them.  Your body will not be able to break down the histamines leaving you feeling anxious or dizzy.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms but are unsure why, a food intolerance may be the answer. With TMI Testing you can identify these foods so that you don’t have to suffer anymore.  Order a food intolerance test now so that you can make the most of the Summer Nights.