seafood intoleranceDo you find yourself feeling occasionally fatigued or experiencing other symptoms such as bloating after eating seafood? You probably are suffering from seafood intolerance and it is important that you take a test to find this out. This will make your future clearer as you sort out your diet. Remember, a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind!

Going out to eat can be stressful for some of us, we’ve all felt it. This is particularly for some of us who have been invited out whilst suffering from food intolerances, especially seafood intolerance. Seafood is a popular choice for many events, whether it be birthday meals or just a reunion with old friends.

We never want to miss out on these gatherings but some of us feel there is not an option if the venue is especially seafood heavy. Of course, many venues and restaurants will offer an alternative, but a lot of us do not like being the fussy one who takes ages to order. Therefore, we may choose to not want to go, but the truth is, there are many alternatives. Many places are accommodating to those who are suffering from seafood intolerance and allow you to bring your own food. They also are aware to separate all the foods, so this isn’t always a massive worry.

The issues, however, do not always extend to just eating out. Some of us love a home cooked seafood meal, and we want to enjoy it. Not to worry, having taken an intolerance test with TMI Testing, you will know exactly what should go in your body and what should not. Having control over your cooking is the perfect opportunity to test your body’s dislikes and likes, leaving you free to choose what to have in the times ahead.

Having a seafood intolerance is not the worst thing in the world, but it can be a struggle for some. If you feel like you may experiencing some of the symptoms prominent with seafood intolerance, then we have the solution for you. If you wish, you can talk to our customer service team, available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on They will go the extra mile to ensure we find the best solution for your needs.