identify a healthy recipe with an intolerance testTo ensure you are making the best pancakes on Pancake day, you need to have the right ingredients for a healthy recipe! All you need is 50g of self-raising flour, 50g of wholemeal or wholegrain flour, and 2 small eggs, all of which can be purchased from your local supermarket! If you work with 150ml skimmed milk, berries, and low-fat yogurt or fromage frais to serve with your pancakes. Remember, although these ingredients are genuinely considered to be healthy, it is important that you do not have an intolerance to them. You can identify discover these items with an intolerance test.  

Making your healthy recipe pancakes

Once you have got the results back from your intolerance test (not done one, click here) and you have popped to the shops and got all your ingredients you will need to prepare your ingredients. To do this, you simply have to sift the flours into a bowl or wide jug, and then top any bits in the sieve back into the bowl. Add the egg yolks and a splash of milk, creating a thick paste which sets you on your way. From the milk you have left, you need to consistently add splashes. If you do this, it might make lumps in the batter.

Whisky business

Your healthy recipe for pancakes is halfway there! Get your egg whites ready and whisk the egg whites until they become stiff. Fold the egg whites carefully into the batter, but be careful not to release the air or this will affect the texture of your pancakes.

Get your non-stick pan and stick it over medium heat, before you pour in enough batter to make a pancake. You’re so close now, we can smell it! Cook for about a minute until the ingredients start to look like a pancake, we will let you be the judge! Flip it over to ensure both sides are cooked. Keep them in a warm place to ensure that your pancakes do not go cold whilst you are making the rest, and serve with the favourite healthy toppings for your healthy recipe!

If, before making your healthy recipe, you are looking to identify your intolerances to any of the items, including eggs and flour, then you just need to log on to and order your test today.