A food intolerance test can help to alleviate your symptoms.Order an intolerance test today and learn how you can improve both your health and wellbeing, as well as your diet. By getting hold of your intolerance results, you can begin your journey to a happier and healthier you. At TMI Testing, we are all about helping you to help yourself, so if you want a test from us, here is how:

Ordering an intolerance test

You can order your own intolerance test through this website, using either your debit/credit card in our secure payment portal. Before you order, you will probably want to know what is involved in your test, which you can see here. Listed within your test results will be any items which have been shown to have a positive match of 85% and over. This is because our experience of analysing and performing over thousands of test has allowed us to define 85% at the point which you may experience comfort or intolerance symptoms. Due to this and to make your results easier to understand, we do not store any data that falls below the threshold.

How do I take a hair sample?

Taking your hair sample is quite easy with TMI Testing. You need to brush your hair upwards to reveal the root area at the back of your head. We do suggest that when you take a hair sample, you ask someone to assist you to make sure you are safe. Another question we get when talking about the hair sample is about how much hair needs to be put in the plastic bag along with the submission form. We only need 3-4 individual hairs for you to complete your intolerance test.

Where do we complete our tests?

Every single intolerance test is completed in our UK laboratory facilities which follow Good Laboratory Practice. Your sample is handled with the utmost care and treated confidentially. These are a set of principles intended to ensure the quality and integrity of non-clinical laboratory studies such as ours.

For more information on ordering your intolerance test, log on to www.tmitesting.com and order an intolerance test.