Intolerance Test

Have you been invited out by friends looking to recreate your school memories? Are you worried about being able to participate in every activity they have planned, including eating and drinking? Don’t worry, the perfect solution for you is just around the corner with an Intolerance Test! At TMI Testing, we help you examine what foods you can avoid in order to enjoy the perfect reunion with your friends.

Sound alright? Take a look at some of the simple steps you go through when undertaking an Intolerance Test with TMI Testing, allowing you to fully sit back and recreate those memories.

Where to start?

Starting out, it is key to identify and understand what you may be impacting on your body due to your diet. Utilising a simple intolerance test for customers, TMI Testing uses a sample of your hair to test against food and non-food items. We then send a wide-ranging report of your results straight to you. This then outlines exactly what items are affecting your body. From this, you will be able to learn what elements that we recommend cutting from your diet.

Still deciding? We can boast an impressive satisfaction rate, with customers noticing a difference in their body and their behaviour. All in just a few days!

Moving on

Many people are worried about what to eat next after they find out their body has an intolerance to their favourite foods. The exciting aspect is there is now a replacement for anything, all of which are easily accessible.

Hopefully, this has settled the nerves a bit and means you can turn up to a feast knowing exactly what is appropriate for you. Knowing your intolerances is important. Food alternatives provide the perfect rest bite for customers who find it difficult going out with friends.

Shout it from the rooftops

When being invited out, you, as a person who has discovered that they are intolerant to certain foods, can let your friends know so that they can provide you with the perfect alternative. However, if it is late notice, then you can be perfectly prepared and offer to bring your own food and drink items.

Feel Positive about the Future!

Ultimately, the end result of undertaking a food intolerance test will leave you able to put those worries to rest and leave you more confident than ever when reliving those memories! There has never been a more perfect time to test your body intolerances, and a TMI Intolerance Test is the perfect solution.

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