Use healthy recipes to avoid food intolerancesWith the winter weather still going strong, you are probably desperate to find a healthy recipe which will allow you to stay healthy and lose weight without doing much exercise outside! Food intolerances are becoming increasingly common and so it is harder to find a healthy recipe out there. Take a look below at TMI Testing’s healthy recipe which will get through the winter happily and healthily!

Quick, easy and healthy

For you meat eaters out there who are not keen on the idea of going vegan or vegetarian this Christmas, then you are in for a treat. Bursting with protein, this 10-minute beef stir fry is ideal for you! There are no excuses not to love this meal though, as it is quick, meaning you don’t waste too much time eating it! There is also no excuse for saying ‘I have food intolerances’ because you would have had a food intolerance test already!

Free from food intolerances

Yep, your intolerance test will hopefully have ruled out all of these items as potential food intolerances, meaning you can consume without worrying about what symptoms you may experience. This wonderful recipe is nutritious, colourful and is not too dissimilar from a Stir Fry you might regularly order at your favourite restaurant. For more information on food intolerances and what they might to do to your body, you can check out the website!


You simply need one cup of uncooked brown rice, one red and yellow bell pepper chopped up into little pieces, as well as the head of broccoli, also chopped alongside half a cup of red cabbage. Don’t forget to add one cup of snow peas and 1.5 lbs of skirt steak (yummy!). It wouldn’t be Stir Fry without a tablespoon of soy sauce and half a teaspoon of black pepper! Of course, you will have all your ingredients ready and will be thoroughly prepared to prepare your meal. Pull that tablespoon back out and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your meal! From there, you can add one teaspoon of sesame oil and a quarter of a cup of green onion, all chopped up!

For more information on food intolerances and the tests that we use, please check out and speak to our Customer Service advisors via LiveChat.