For people suffering from food allergies, eating any sort of food can end up feeling like Russian roulette. If chefs and cooks do not take food allergies seriously then how can people who have food allergies or intolerances know that they are eating the right foods? How do they know that they will not feel unwell? With TMI Testing, we cannot yet tell you whether you are suffering from food allergies and IgE related issues (watch this space!), but we can help you with food intolerances.

Educating about food allergies

Educating people about food allergies is so important, as recent stories have highlighted. But why are people not taking allergies and intolerances seriously yet? A food allergy can have life-threatening consequences but a food intolerance can cause life-altering issues. Imagine going to work and experiencing all sorts of symptoms like diarrhoea and constipation, as well as bloating. If you cannot sit and concentrate at your desk or station, then you know you are likely to not fulfil your job properly. This is what a food intolerance can do to you.

Allergies are in the news

The Guardian has written an article on what it is like to live with egg allergies. Travelling to a foreign country can be scary enough, let alone if you have a food allergy and are not as well-acquainted with certain ingredients as they are in England. The article follows a young Brit heading over to Amsterdam with an egg allergy. He made absolutely sure that there was no egg in the pastry which he had ordered, as he knew he was suffering from an allergy. He was also aware of the severe consequences that an allergy could cause.

Do people know enough about allergies?

Here is a quote taken directly from the article in the Guardian of what happened when the man bit into pastry which he had been reassured had no egg in it:

A chef in Amsterdam did not know enough about food allergies

Allergies and intolerances are on the rise, but what can we do about it?

All around the world, and not just Britain, everybody is becoming more allergic to food that we are eating. According to the FSA, there are roughly around 2 million people suffering from food allergies. Unfortunately, there is also an average of 10 food-allergy-related deaths a year. There are many reasons why food allergies are on the rise, with varied diets and new technology used in foods being one of the main reasons for this. Technology has also improved, meaning there are new foods being mixed on a daily basis. Also, people are starting to report more allergies and are going to see health professionals rather than just dismiss their symptoms as ‘something that happens’.

With TMI Testing soon to be launching it’s very own allergy test to help you understand whether or not you have an allergy, you will be able to gain a better understanding of your symptoms. Intolerance testing, however, is just as important. Although the symptoms are just as life-threatening, they can cause life-altering symptoms which may harm you being able to work.