First things first, you probably do not have a cheese intolerance, but rather an intolerance to an ingredient that is located within cheese, like dairy or yoghurt or milk. Although this may come as a surprise to you, a dairy intolerance is actually different to lactose intolerance, so it is important that you are careful about what you are eating and also identifying what is causing your symptoms. Using an elimination diet, TMI Testing can help you to try and alleviate your symptoms with an elimination diet, as well as clear your mind and help you relax. 

What is cheese?

As you are probably familiar with, cheese is a British delicacy in some quarters but is consumed all over the world, with cheese coming from Greece, America and many other countries. With it being so popular, many people find that they sometimes have an intolerance to cheese because they have perhaps eaten too much or are intolerant to dairy. There are plenty of alternatives though. This last bit is important to note if you suspect that you are suffering from a cheese intolerance, as a dairy intolerance is actually often the cause of your symptoms. You can find out if you have an intolerance to dairy by ordering an intolerance test here.

Cheese Intolerance or Dairy Intolerance

Yep, many people suspect they are suffering from a cheese intolerance and so avoid this altogether. However, some people find that they remove cheese from their diet but still suffer from symptoms of intolerance. This is because even they think they have an intolerance to cheese, it is actually dairy that they are adverse to. This could be milk, eggs or any other ingredient that is involved in making cheese. You can find out which food you or your family have an intolerance to by getting your intolerance test results from our website.

How to get rid of your intolerance symptoms

You can get rid of your cheese/dairy intolerance symptoms by doing an elimination diet, which we guide you through by detailing your results and helping you decide which foods you both need to include and exclude. If you are experiencing any symptoms similar to headaches, bloated stomachs, digestive issues or fatigue, then you should consider ordering an intolerance test and managing your symptoms.

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