Bloating after eating

Bloating isn’t pleasant. It makes you feel heavy and slow. Experiencing daily bloating after eating is even worse. It can make you feel like skipping entire meals just to avoid the discomfort. If you’ve noticed a pattern of regularly bloating after a meal, have a check through these common causes for the discomfort.

Three reasons for bloating after eating

1. Swallowing air when you eat
No doubt, you aren’t intentionally doing this. But you may be gulping down excessive amounts of air through your eating habits. Taking big gulps or eating too fast can lead to swallowing a lot of air. That air builds up in the gastrointestinal tract and causes the bloating sensation we all detest. Talking while eating can also contribute to this. It’s another way that we can accidentally end up gulping down excessive amounts of air.

2. Carbonated drinks
Cola, lemonade and other carbonated beverages could be the primary cause of your bloating. If a fizzy drink often accompanies your lunch, then it may be time to switch. All that carbonated fluid may be sitting in your stomach and exerting more gas while your food is being digested. Try swapping your daily cola for water or tea and see if the bloating remains. If you don’t experience any more bloating, the fizzy drink was likely the cause.

3. Food intolerance
Bloating after eating is a common symptom of food intolerance.  The difficulty in digesting a food which your body is intolerant to can also create a build-up of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. Resulting in the bloating feeling after eating. It may take a few hours before the onset of bloating occurs.

If you’re eating slowly, not gulping extra air and staying away from fizzy drinks, it might be a good idea to get an intolerance test. An intolerance test can help you narrow down which food is the cause of your bloating. Instead of trying out every food item you eat regularly, you’ll immediately narrow the list down to foods your body appears to react to. After that, an elimination diet can help you remove the bloating and manage it.