intolerance-syptomsHave you ever thought about a food intolerance and just dismissed it because it might be your favourite food? This is very dangerous, and we are about to tell you why. We will tell you why identifying your intolerance is vital, and as such, we recommend food intolerance testing and going to see your GP. Here are 5 ways a food intolerance can damage your body.

1) Stomach Ache

Naturally, everybody experiences a stomach ache in their lifetime. The cause is not always obvious, but if it is a regular occurrence after eating certain foods, then it may be due to an intolerance to food. What is important to remember is that most stomach aches aren’t serious and will go away after a few days. However, they may keep coming back and this is when we may be able to ascertain if we have an intolerance to something or not.

2) Headache

Are you struggling to get through the day? Is your head in constant agony and there is only relief during sleep? Again, this could be a food intolerance. If you are in a routine and are picking up the same food each day for your lunch, this may contribute to your head pain. Headaches are also symptoms of anxiety and stress, but it is vital that you know for sure. Food Intolerance Testing can put your worries to one side, and when consulting your GP, you will have a clearer idea of what may be causing you pain.

3) Fatigue

Feeling lethargic, tired and struggling to stay awake? It may be something you have eaten. Have you been to a barbecue and have subsequently failed to make it through the whole event without needing to take a nap? This could all be because you are intolerant to something you have eaten. Even though this may worry you, there is nothing to worry about, as TMI Testing can help you to cope with your food intolerance and battle against your symptoms.

4) Bloat

Bloat is another symptom which those of us with a food intolerance are constantly battling against. It is one of the most annoying symptoms as it affects us both physically and mentally, particularly during the Summer. Throughout the year, everybody wants to look their best, but when the sun is out, it is of particular importance to many that they look their best. Therefore, what nobody needs is bloat, especially if it occurs before a Wedding or a Birthday party. Food Intolerance testing can help us to identify what foods are causing you to bloat and therefore you can know what foods to avoid before a big day out.

5) Skin Rash

Last but not least, food intolerances can have an impact on your skin. Skin irritations and rashes are not always associated with what you are eating, but it is important that you are aware of what impact an intolerance can have. If you are suffering from excessive dry skin and eczema, then it could be due to your diet! Is there something you can identify which causes your skin to develop a rash? If so, try not to eat it and see if your skin begins to clear up. Food intolerance testing can tell you for sure but an elimination diet is also recommended should you believe you have an intolerance.

How can we help you with your Food Intolerance?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and believe you may have a food intolerance, then we are here to help! At TMI Testing, we don’t leave you anxiously wondering about your intolerance and what to do about it. We are with you every step of the way, whether it be a through detailed comprehensive report providing you with advice on what to do next, or through our Customer Service team, who are available to you via LiveChat on a 5-day basis, 24 hours a day! 

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