Food intolerance symptoms are usually thought to be digestion related, but this isn’t always the case. Just like how a muscle ache can be caused by issues on a completely different part of the body, food intolerances can cause symptoms far further afield than your digestive tract. Your whole body is connected and there are various ways in which a food intolerance can manifest itself. Here are five unusual food intolerance symptoms.

Unexpected Food Intolerance Symptoms

1 – Brain Fog

We’ve all had bouts of brain fog here and there – admittedly, most likely accompanying a hangover – but if it’s become a common occurrence then something isn’t right. If you’re regularly struggling to think straight and are feeling a bit disoriented, it might be caused by a food intolerance.

2 – Anxiety & Depression

There is more and more evidence mounting up on the relationship between depression and gut health. And aggravating a food intolerance can be bad news or your gut health. You may find that removing problem foods from your diet helps alleviate any symptoms of depression or anxiety you may be experiencing. At the very least it’ll be a step in the right direction.

3 – Fatigue

A common complaint from those with an unnoticed food intolerance is fatigue. This is one of the most widely experienced, non-digestive food intolerance symptoms. Because a food intolerance is where your body struggles to digest a certain food, it means more energy has to be diverted towards it. More energy spent in one place means less energy elsewhere which could explain the fatigue.

4 – Acne

There are many cases of people’s skin clearing up after commencing a food elimination diet. People who have tried all other methods of dealing with adult acne have found solace in food intolerance testing, helping them to finally put a stop to the constant breakouts.

5 – Chronic Congestion

Congestion is a sign of inflammation and while it’s usually caused by things like a cold, chronic congestion isn’t likely to be caused by a passing illness. The reaction in your body when you consume food the body is intolerant to does produce pro-inflammatory responses. So, chronic congestion wouldn’t be a surprising result.

Food intolerance symptoms can manifest differently, and it can be tough to know whether your symptoms are caused by the foods you’re eating or various other conditions. The only way to be certain is to get tested and follow up with an elimination diet. It’s far better than constantly suffering these uncomfortable symptoms, and much more effective than guessing your way to the right food.