3 ways an intolerance test can get rid of your headacheYou should order an intolerance test if you are experiencing a headache on a consistent basis. This symptom could often appear if you are eating a food that you have a food intolerance to. Fortunately, TMI Testing has developed a state-of-the-art test for intolerances which helps you to identify what items you are eating which are causing your headache. 

1) Identify the culprit

If you are looking to identify the offending food item that is constantly causing your headaches then you should order a test for intolerance, especially if you get a headache every time you eat something. It is important to note that food intolerance can be developed if you overindulge in certain foods, and your symptoms are likely caused by this food. An intolerance test will let you know what foods you need to remove from your diet in order to get rid of your headaches.

2) Take an intolerance test

In order to find out if your body has developed a food intolerance to certain substances, we conduct bioresonance hair testing processes which help us to analyse your hair sample against common food items. To get your intolerance test, you can order one here. Imagine getting rid of your intolerance symptoms like a headache, bloated stomach or skin rash. Once you have identified the offending item, you can remove this food from your diet and look forward to a happier and healthier future.

3) Eliminating foods

After an intolerance test, the hard work begins. Of course, you can do an elimination diet without taking a test for intolerance, but this is often laborious and can be time-consuming. Our aim is to make the customer happier and healthier by eating better and alleviating your symptoms. An intolerance test speeds up the process of an elimination diet.

For more information on taking an intolerance test and to understand your symptoms, you can speak to our customer service advisors via LiveChat on www.tmitesting.com