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Nutritional Therapy

We have been helping our clients find their intolerances and allergies from over 600 items for over ten years. Identifying an allergy or intolerance is one thing, but how do our clients use this information to make the lifestyle changes that will result in improved health?

For precisely this reason, we offer nutritional therapy as an extra service to all of our clients.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Several different factors dictate your health; diet, fitness level, genetics, environment, the list is endless. Our trained, BANT registered nutritional therapists work with you to understand how these factors are affecting you personally and to offer advice on the changes you can make to help you achieve the improved health outcomes that brought you to TMI Testing in the first place.

When you’re assigned your nutritional therapist, they will work with you to build a health profile that they can then use this knowledge to create an informed, bespoke health action plan for you to follow.

Nutritional therapy can be used to optimise

Hormone balance
Athletic performance
Cognitive function

steps h - Nutritional Therapy

Your Initial Consultation

During your 30 minute initial consultation, your nutritional therapist will take the time to understand the factors that could be causing or exacerbating your symptoms. Through conversation and assessing your results, they will work with you to develop a plan of action which you can put into action straight away.

Your NT may wish to carry out a more in-depth analysis of your lifestyle and result. If so, they may ask you to complete a questionnaire and food diary. They will use the results to produce a unique plan tailored to your needs.

All information that you provide is confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) code of conduct.

Is It Possible To Have Further Consultations?

Yes, your relationship with your nutritional therapist doesn’t have to end after your 30-minute initial consultation. Many of our clients feel they benefit from an ongoing relationship with their NT as their health improves and new factors come into play. Your NT will continue to identify changes you can make to achieve your health goals.

What Happens Next?

Following an initial consultation, your nutritional therapist will send an email with Nutrition Guide

You may also receive:

  • Information sheets
  • Recipes
  • Supplement recommendations


Using blood-spot sample - Our most accurate scientifically-validated Allergy & Intolerance testing on IgE & IgG4 antibody reactions from an easy to use collection kit shipped free to you. Available in single, couple and family packages.


Sample Collection Kit Sent

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Scientifically Validated Testing


Using hair Sample - Bio-resonance screening of your hair sample taken from anywhere on the body against 800 food and non-food items providing you with a comprehensive report on trigger items over 85%. Available in single, couple and family packages.

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