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If you believe you have a medical condition or you are seriously ill, you need to discuss with your GP. However, a growing number of people are discovering the benefits of bioresonance therapy. There are thousands of accounts where patients have become frustrated with conventional medicine and can testify to the effectiveness of the treatment and diagnosis offered by bioresonance. You will find below some supportive and questioning information as well as a selection of research papers intended to educate and inform about the efficacy of bioresonance.



Tried and tested globally

Bioresonance techniques have been used globally since the 1970’s, in countries such as Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Russia.


Non-invasive method

The technique is non-invasive and is not linked with any potential side effects. It has become increasingly popular as an alternative tool for aiding in diagnosis.


Simple yet informative results

Bioresonance therapy offers a method for identifying multiple intolerances in one single session.



Not scientifically proven

There is no scientific evidence that bioresonance is an accurate indicator of medical conditions or disease or an effective treatment for any condition.


Claimed as pseudoscience?

Some researchers have classified bioresonance therapy as pseudoscience which consists of statements or beliefs claimed to be scientific/factual where evidence is not published by appropriate scientific methods.


Inconsistent results

In some scientific studies bioresonance therapy did not show effects above that of the placebo effect (a placebo may be given to a person in order to deceive the recipient into thinking that it is an active treatment).

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