Testing against 600 food & non-food items.

We have developed an easy to complete test that can help you understand more about your body. Receive a  comprehensive report of food and non-food items, sensitivity percentages and a dedicated elimination diet.

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With our range of non-intrusive tests offering you fast and pain-free information.

Comprehensive testing on 600 catalysts

We test 600 food and non-food items including wheat, dairy, lactose & nuts. We also test for pollen and dust mites.

Results from a quick non-invasive test

Receive a full report from a small sample of hair, in the comfort of your home and sending it to our UK laboratories.

Receive your personal results fast!

Just send your sample* and receive your test results within 7-10 days.*Return postal charges apply.

Easy to understand results

Tests that offer a comprehensive profile of your body.

Affordable testing - With a single test costing just £60.

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Our UK laboratory has carried out over 250,000 tests worldwide as of 31st December 2017, providing results on over 600 food and non-food items including, gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose and nuts pollen and dust mites.

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We use the latest Mars III bio-resonance diagnostic testing offering a non-intrusive painless test that just involves sending* in a small hair sample. *Return postal charges apply.

We’ll send you the results in only 7-10 days, with a full report that details the contributing factor of each item as a percentage. From this, you can then make any changes to your diet or lifestyle and go on to live life to the full. It’s that simple!

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Select the test to suit your own or family’s needs and order online.


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Complete the form and pop it in the post* with a sample of hair.


We’ll send you the results in a clear comprehensive four page report.

*Return postal charges apply. Average Royal Mail postal charges are £0.65 as of March 2017.

Complete satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 100% money back guarantee, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied, making our testing service totally risk-free.*

*Terms and conditions apply

Our individual tests

Test for individual use. *Return postal charges apply. Average Royal Mail postal charges are £0.65 as of March 2017.

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    £60.00 £49.99
  • Sale! 600 item Intolerance Test


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  • Sale! 680 item premium intolerance test


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Our couples tests

Test for individual use. *Return postal charges apply. Average Royal Mail postal charges are £0.65 as of March 2017.

  • Sale! couples intolerance test for up to 2 people

    Core Couples*

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  • Sale! couples intolerance test

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  • Sale! 680 item premium couples intolerance test

    Premium Couples*

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Our family tests

Test for individual use. *Return postal charges apply. Average Royal Mail postal charges are £0.65 as of March 2017.

  • Sale! family intolerance test for up to 400 items

    Core Family*

    £130.00 £109.99
  • Sale! 600 item family intolerance test

    Plus Family*

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    Premium Family*

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What is Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance equipment is used to perform the testing of your sample and is classed as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

CAM’s include a wide range of therapies including homeopathy and acupuncture that are not considered mainstream medicine. Bioresonance therapy is recognised as a proven therapy method by practitioners and peers Worldwide.

Our Equipment ‘MARS III’ (Multiple Analytical Resonance Systems) is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485.

All tests are guaranteed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We have a 99.5% customer satisfaction and test over 1000 samples per week.

Bioresonance is currently classed as a Complementary Alternative Medicine.

Results do not substantiate a medical diagnosis, nor is it intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Bioresonance currently has a low level of scientific papers supporting it’s diagnosis abilities.

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