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Testing against food & non-food items.

An easy to complete test that can help you understand more about your body. Receive a comprehensive report of food and non-food items, sensitivity percentages and a dedicated elimination diet.

Brought to you by one of the worlds fastest growing health and wellness companies.

Take the next step to addressing your symptoms.

With our range of non-intrusive tests offering you fast and pain-free information.

Comprehensive testing on 600 catalysts

We test 600 food and non-food items including wheat, dairy, lactose & nuts. We also test for pollen and dust mites.

Results from a quick non-invasive test

Receive a full report from a small sample of hair, in the comfort of your home and sending it to our UK laboratories.

Receive your personal results fast!

Just send your sample* and receive your test results within 7-10 days.*Return postal charges apply.

Order your test today!

Comprehensive - A detailed profile of your body


Affordable - a single test costing just £45.99


Certified - Labs ISO 9001:2015


Worldwide - Leader of testing in UK and USA


Our individual tests

  • core intolerance test up to 400 items


  • Sale! 600 item Intolerance Test


    £59.99 £55.99
  • Sale! 680 item premium intolerance test


    £65.99 £59.99

Our couples tests (2 people)

  • couples intolerance test for up to 2 people

    Core Couples*

  • Sale! couples intolerance test

    Plus Couples*

    £96.99 £85.99
  • Sale! 680 item premium couples intolerance test

    Premium Couples*

    £109.99 £98.99

Our family tests (4 people)

  • family intolerance test for up to 400 items

    Core Family*

  • Sale! 600 item family intolerance test

    Plus Family*

    £125.99 £119.99
  • Sale! family intolerance test

    Premium Family*

    £139.99 £129.99

NEW! Testing for your pets and animals

Is your pet or animal off their food? Are they displaying unexplained symptoms?

Find how your pet reacts to certain food items and the possible cause of symptoms in our Pet test.


  • 30 Common feed items
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand report
  • Ideal for Dogs, Cats, horses and any pets with hair
  • Non-invasive test to help animal wellbeing

Discover more about trigger food items in your animal within 7-10 days.

  • Pet Intolerance Test


Latest Testimonials. Will you be our next satisfied customer?

“I was a little skeptical, but this is one of the most accurate tests I’ve completed. The results were sent back to me in less than 7 days and their helpful guide kept me going throughout the recommended diet.”
Matthew Robles – Facebook Review

“I have had my whole family tested with Test My Intolerance as it only takes a small hair sample. The results were easy to understand and it’s an easy way of getting tested rather than trying to take blood. I have dyed hair and their customer service team told me that wouldn’t affect the results.”
Jeanette Ball – Google Review

“Although it didn’t come back within 7 days (more like 14), I thought the results were very well laid out and helped me to change my diet. Good test, but could be faster.”
Williams Rayan – Google Review

“Great customer service and super interesting results! I would recommend.”
Eliana Bergman – Facebook Review

Take the next step to relieving your symptoms. Order your test today…


Select the test to suit your own or family’s needs and order online.


Look out for your order confirmation by email. Download your sample form.


Complete the form and pop it in the post with a sample of hair.


We’ll send you the results in a clear comprehensive four page report.

Complete satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 100% money back guarantee, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied, making our testing service totally risk-free.*

*Terms and conditions apply